Saturday, November 29, 2008

How did you do?

How did everybody do yesterday? My sister-in-law and I went out at 5:15, but we both had to be back by 6:45am. I can't post everything I got because I do not my want my tricky tricky husband to read this blog and see what I got him. I will say that I paid $60 for his gifts and they retail at $120, so not too bad. I also got a bunch of emergency kit supplies at Recreation outlet for $15, for my brother and sister. My best find was the TMX cookie monster and ernie. I got each of my kids one and my nephew one for $5 each. That was at Big Lots. It was really funny, Kylie and I were some of the first in line. As we walked in, I asked an associate where they were. The toy was underneith another display and wasn't easily seen. We walked right to it as the rest of the people there ran right past to the toy isle. By the time we stood up from getting the toys we were caught in a wall of women grabbing at the dolls!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Hey everybody - please post comments about Black Friday ads. Let us all know the GREAT deals you are finding. I am trying to find something for Sandy from Santa - any ideas? I do not have any black Friday ads yet, I hope I get them on Wednesday or Thursday. does have their flyer posted on-line. I hope there are some great deals this year!! As I find deals I will just add them to this posting.


I only have a minute - I will post again after my kids are in bed.

Big Lots - 5$ TMX Ernie or Cookie Monster
Big Lots- 2/$5 hoodies

Great deals on dishes and cookwear at Shopko and K-Mart $20-$40

Recreation Outlet - LED flashlights 4/$5, and other GREAT emergency prep supplies and wonderful prices!!!

K-Mart - $6.99 Basic Edition men's sweaters

Wal-Mart - $2-$6 DVD's, besides that I wasn't very impressed with this ad

Robert's - $139 Cricket bundles

If anybody needs the ads give me a call and I will give you an extra copy of mine

Ream's Deals

To start out, Melissa posted a comment, the new Smith's Market Place is STILL having there really good sales - check out her comments for more info.

Ream's is have a VERY good sale but for a VERY limited time. November 26th from 9pm to Midnight. I don't know if these can be price matched at Wal-Mart. I see no reason why not, there are no gimmicks or promotions.

15 lbs russet potatoes $0.99
2 lbs mini carrots $0.99
10 oz Carl Buddig Lunch meat $0.99
Keebler Club crackers $0.99
Sara Lee dinner rolls 12 cnt $1.49

Friday, November 21, 2008


Camille asked me last night about Wal-Mart price matching. She ask if Wal-Mart will honor a promotional price (Albertson's is selling turkey's for $0.39/lb if you buy $50 in groceries) - would Wal-Mart honor that. No, they do not. Wal-Mart does not price match promotional prices, percent off, dollors off, or double coupons. They will only do an EXACT price from an advertisment. Hope that makes sense and helps. If you have any questions, please just ask or post it in the comments and I will respond.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Deals

Macey's has the best ad this week. There are a few in Albies and Smith's - but not note worthy. Check out Pinching Your Pennies if you want everything.

Macey's ad:

Sweet potatoes (yams) $0.39
Stove Top stuffing $0.88
Whipping cream $0.69
Frozen veggies $0.50
Whipped topping $0.69
Marshmallows $0.88

These are great for Thanksgiving!!! Most of these are Western Family brand, but Wal-Mart usually has their brand also marked down or below these prices.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Some great deals

In the Sunday paper in the "Our Town" section at the bottom of the first page is the Ream's ad. Ream's has great deals on produce. I take the ad to Wal-Mart and price match.

Sweet Potatoes $0.29/lb
Pears $0.69/lb
Lettuce $0.89/lb
Grapes $0.89/lb
Tomatoes $0.79/lb
Celery $0.39/lb
Potatoes $1.99 for a 15 pound bag
2 lbs mini carrots $1.49

There is more in the ad, this is just what I will probably end up getting. Remember you must bring in your ad or Wal-Mart will not price match.

Also all of the sales that are at the new Smith's Marketplace are in the Sunday paper.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The start of The Frugal Fugal

As some of you know I HATE it when people mix my last name - Fugal - up with the word - Frugal. Well, I figured I would embrass the back nickname and use it to my advantage. My family's budget has changed and I have started to do everything that I can to save money. I used to coupon and sale hunt before I had kids and know 4 years later I am back at it again and have had a lot of people ask me about it. I thought I would start this blog to help my friends. I am going to update it at least once a week with a "DEAL OF THE WEEK". For today I will just share some tips I have learned along the way.

1. I use the website
it has a lot of sales posted, but it takes a while to sift through it

2. I shop sales WITH coupons. If you do not get the Sunday paper - share your unused coupons or ask somebody for their coupons that do not use them. Also the above web address will have a lot of online coupons. Most stores DO NOT except printed coupons. Albertson's in the only one I have found that will except them.

3. I keep a coupon book to organize my coupons. It takes a little bit of time but completely worth it in money saved. I use a 3 ring binder filled with baseball card holders. I put the coupons in the slots for the cards. In the back of the binder I keep all of the sale ads.

4. Wal-Mart is really good at price matching - but you have to have the ads to show the clerks.

5. I buy what is on sale and stock up. It is a lot cheaper to buy when something is on sale and have it on hand for later then to need it right away and have to pay double for it. (I buy shampoo and toothpaste when it is free or $0.25 - I have a ton but I get if for super cheap)

6. If you don't use it, don't buy it. No matter how cheap it is (even if it is free you still have to pay sales tax)

7. Use all of your produce from your garden (or your neighbors) - most of it can be frozen or canned. I cut up peppers and freeze them to have them all winter. It is much cheaper then $1.00 per pepper in the winter.

For the moment that is all that I can think of. Most of the sales are post on Tuesday's and start on Wednesday's. I will try to post around then. If anybody sees a great sale that they want to share - please post a comment to share.

Melissa P. told me that there are GREAT prices at the grand opening of the new Smith's Marketplace in Lehi - it is by Micron. She said the milk is $1.00, bread is $0.99 (which can be frozen), cereal for $1.50, fruit snacks for $0.50, and you can probably find some coupons to go with these sales. I have not been - I've only heard about it.

Please post good deals and sales that you see to we can all benifit!!!