Wednesday, January 28, 2009

MORE freebies!!

Did you know that Wal-Mart gives free samples on their website?? I just found it this morning

These are the sites my big sis checks out to find great freebies and deals. has new freebies almost every single day.

chat room forums on

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Free Diet Dr. Pepper

My sis sent me another link to more freebies - diet dr. pepper, just follow the link

Free Disney on Ice and Free Circus tickets

Today in SLC at 6:00 pm, the first 600 people to bring 10 cans of food per person will get a free ticket to Disney on Ice. You need to be at the outdoor ice rink (I think that is Galivan Plaza). For more info visit

The Jordan World Circus is coming to the McKay Event center on Feb 2 and 3. There are free tickets for kids 12 and under (a $10 value) at Macey's and Smith's. Adult tickets are $18 each. No more than 2 free kids tickets can be used with each paying adult. There is a 4:00 pm and 7:30 pm show each day.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Free Valentines and Sunday paper deals

I got this e-mail a few days ago from my big sis in Washington. I don't know how she finds all of these great online feebies, but I am going to starting posting everything she sends me.

"I saw this on a freebie website. Yout get 6 free custom photo valentine cards plus free shipping. I think they know that everyone will think the cards are so cute and will order a bunch (they're pretty expensive), but you're strong and will not let the cuteness overtake you. Anyway, grandparents will love these."

Sunday Paper Deals

Super Bowl Sunday is next Sunday - there will be a lot of adds for snack food and big screen TV's this week!!!

Reams of course has great produce (price match at Wal-Mart)
Avocados 2/$0.89
1 lb mini carrots $0.89/bag
Roma Tomatoes 2 lbs for $0.89
Bell Peppers 2 for $0.89 (cut and freeze what you don't use fresh)
Apples $0.79/lb
Red Grape tomaotes $0.89 per cup

Puffs facial tissue $0.89 limit 2

Big clearance sale - biggest final gold star clearance save 80% and other clearance is 60-70%.

There are 2 Post cereal coupons for $1 off 2 boxes. These coupons are good at the Macey's
cereal sale (ends Tuesday).

People have been asking me about printable coupons - the only place locally that I know takes printables are the Albertson's stores. If anybody know anywhere else, please post them.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Thank-you, good deals at K-Mart, and Ream's Deals

To start this blog, I need to say "THANK-YOU" to a lady I met at K-Mart this morning, Jeana. We were both slowly walking up and down the isles at K-Mart looking at sales then flipping our coupons trying to find that great deal. We talked for a few minutes, exchanged a few coupons then went our seperate ways. About 30 minutes later I was trying to check out, hold Sandra who was throwing a HUGE fit, and put the correct coupon with the correct item. I sat Sandy down in the cart, she stood up at started he fit again, this time throwing herself out of the cart. It was horrifiing - I was so scared. I grabbed her before she hit her head too hard (unfortunitly she still hit her head). I was about to just tell the cashier that I had to leave and would come back later. Jeana walked up about that point and asked if she could hold Sandy. I gave Sandy a piece of candy, she calmed right down and went with Jeana. I was able to get all of my great deal and not loose my sanity. THANK-YOU so much for your help!!! We never know other peoples circumstances, whenever we see an oppurtuinity to serve another we should. It will make your feel so much better. When I got home from shopping my friend called me in desperate need of a babysitter for one hour. Her kids came over and they played with mine. It gave me an hour to clean my house - it was great.

Anyway, there are some great and good deals at K-Mart. There is a TON of clearance in clothes and shoes. I got Clint a pair of tennis shoes for $5 (they are too big, but will be great for school shoes in the fall) and I got Sandy and Christmas dress for next year for $8. Here is a list of the rest of the deals that I got and one's that Jeana told me she was getting.

Old Spice deoderant - $1.50
Dove go fresh Shampoo - $0.49
Robitussin cough drops - free
Night time pull ups, 24 pack - $6.99
Glade candle - $0.89
Glade faberic and air spray - free

Stayfree pads - free
Viva paper towels - $0.75 for a 2 pack (coupon is in the store by the product)
Electrosol dishwasher tabs - free

Bring your coupons, a few extra minutes, and head to K-Mart to find some great deals. Post what you find to help others.

Reams - the ad is the paper at the bottom of the OUR TOWN section, they have the best price on produce. Just cut out the ad and bring it to Wal-Mart and price match.

Oranges - $0.39/lb
2 lb carrots $0.99/bag
Bananas - $0.39/lb
Red Bell peppers - 3/$0.99
Apples $0.39/lb
Tomatoes $0.69/lb
Black and blueberries $0.99/ 6oz. cup

Happy Shopping

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Paper Deals - cereal sale and double coupons!!!

Sorry about the last few weeks. My husband has been out of town and I have had a lot going on with YW, anyway hopefully I can start posting great deals again.

$0.10 sale on digital prints, until Jan. 20th

Baby sale, check their ads or website for more details

ALLEN'S (and probably Macey's on Wednesday)
Great cereal sale - must use in ad coupons. Cut out the coupons from Allen's ad and use them at Macey's (if they are having the sale also). Check the Red Plum coupons in this Sundays paper for a lot of Kellogg's cereals coupons.
General Mills - 10/$15
Post Cereal - 5/$10
Quaker - 5/$7
Kellogg's - 4/$7 (plus coupons in paper will be 4/$4)
Fruit Snacks - 10/$15 (there are coupons from the last few weeks papers)
Texas pink grapefruit 4/$1.00
Bananas - $0.49/lb
Oranges - $0.39/lb

Super Double Manufacturer coupons (up to and including $2 value). Any coupon you bring in will be doubled. YAAAA!!! I love this sale, I saved about $20 last time and only spent about $8.

70% off Fine Jewelry and 40% sterling silver jewelry - with coupon

Friday, January 16, 2009

Macey's Food Storage Sale

Macey's is having their semi-annual food storage sale (this is NOT the case lot sale). There is also an 11 for $10 sale. A lot of these items will be marked down at Wal-Mart as well, for less.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

FREE Suave product

Go to the following website to register for a coupon for a free suave product. This is a one day only offer and expires at midnight tonight (Jan. 14). Once you have registered, Suave will send you a coupon in the mail.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Coupons anyone??

Yes, I know, I am giving away very valuable coupons. But I am trying VERY hard to keep my fisrt two rules of couponing and shopping - #1 if you do not have the money do not spend it and #2 if you really don't need it don't buy it. I have a BUNCH of coupons for the Albertson's sale including the 6 double coupons. The last day of the sale is Tuesday. I only have $15 in my budget this week and Clint need underjams and milk (there goes my money). So you benifit from my mismanagement of money and sales. If anybody wants them please call or message me.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Clothing Sale Secrets

I got an e-mail from my friend this evening about great clothing sales and secrets. I really really HATE shopping for clothes (I have tried it once with kids, one was crawling under the door and one was opening the door and I had my arms up changing shirts so couldn't do a darn thing about it!!) Needless to say, I do not look at ads for clothes. And I yard sale for most of my childrens clothing. Anyway, my friend Melissa has so WONDERFUL suggestions and department store secrects to share with all. Thank you so much Melissa!!!

Okay Jen! I have noticed you put great deals about food on your website but food is not the only thing that we buy. Clothes! Those wonderful things that clothe our naked body! So I thought to pass along some wonderful helpful hints (mostly for those of us who are not fans of Wal-Mart).

Old Navy, Banana Republic, Gap: The best days to go are on Tuesdays. That is the day that they mark down all of their stuff. That most blessed day when they move inventory around and they mark down their stuff. They are all owned by the same company.

Target: I learned that Target is fairly comparable in price to Wal-Mart. They of course will be tad more expensive but I found their quality of clothing is a whole lot better. So a quiet little secret that I learned is most of their new stuff will go to clearance within the month that they arrive.

Down East Outfitters: Okay, I worked there but they had the best clothes. It is the best place to go for jeans! They sell jeans that are $100 or more for only $25- $35! Brands like: Levi, Big Star and Lucky are sold there. They also carry American Eagle, J. Crew, Diesel, Ben Sherman and few other brands that are high end. Plus they sell their own brands! Which are modest!!!! The brands that are not their own are clothes that could not sell in the stores or are slightly damaged (buyer beware). I have quite a few items of clothing from there. I suggest going to the store on 123rd south in draper. Bonus: they also sell furniture! Brands like Pottery Barn, Z gallerie, red envelope and so on are marked down to 50% off the price that they are sold in the stores and online. Right now they have their after Christmas special where everything is 20% off.

My last secret and a reminder to all; the outlet stores in park city. I generally go in the spring and spend just about $300 total for my kids (plus those few things for the hubby and I) for the entire year! (that is $100 per child for one year!)

So I hope that you will pass this along to anyone who might need it. if not... I gave my fingers some typing practice.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More deals

Has anyone gone to the Albertson's sale? I was going to but decided that I didn't NEED anything, I just really wanted it. I will go and use the 6 double coupons that are located on the front of the albertson's advertisment.

Ground Beef $1.39/lb
Loin Chops $1.79/lb
Chicken Breast $1.69/lb
Bone-in Pork Roast $0.99/lb
Apples $
WF yogurt 10/$3 ($0.30 each)

Sunflower Market
Blueberries $0.88
Blackberries $0.88
Lettuce $1.00
Cantaloupes $1.00 per melon
Fresh express garden salad or coleslaw $1.00

Iceburg lettuce $0.88
Campbells Chunky Soup 10/$10

Just to get you started

Sorry, I will put up more info later. I keep getting kicked off the internet, so I am typing fast. Albertson's is having a really great sale. When you buy $30 in select products you will get $15 off your next transaction. There are a lot of coupons that go with the sale. Check out under the Albertson's sales for coupons you can print out online. There is a lot on there, but remember - it is only a good deal if you have the money and need it, not just want it. I will post more stores tonight when my kids go to bed.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Something to talk about

A new year a new year!! Well, at least that is what all of the ads are promoting this week. At any store you go to this week you will find exercise equipment, exercise clothing and shoes, diet supplements and vitamins on sale. All of the prices are about the same between stores. This is the week to stock up and save on this kind of stuff.

Storage containers are also on sale everywhere. Again, the price are all about the same. No store is obviously cheaper than anther store.

Has a coupon book for FREE while supplies last. I do not know what is in the book, if somebody gets it please tell use all what is in it.

New Years Clearance save 60-80% on fall and holiday styles (good for next year)

Neutrogena and Physicians formula cosmetics buy one get one 50% off

Chili's Restaurant (Orem only)
There is a coupon for a free order of chips & Queso or one chocolate molten cake with the purchase of an entree. (If anybody wants my coupon, just give me a call and it is yours)

There are three pages on buy one get one free everything from hair care, to make-up, to soap. Check out the ad for more details.

There are a few things for free with mail in rebate (I do not like these, but if you are disaplined enough they are worth it)

FREE with mail-in rebate
Fructis hair care
SoyJoy bars

EVERYTHING in the Michaels ad is 50% off, my favorites are the Cricut cartridges. Check out the ad for all of the products on sale. Winter Clearance is up to 80% off

As far as storeage containers, workout stuff and vitamins, everything is comparable to Wal-Mart. The only difference is the buy one get one free deals. Wal-Mart does not do that, however there double packs are on sale for the same as the singe packs. (So it is pretty much the same promo as the other stores).

Garnier Fructis - $0.99 (free if you still have your coupon)
A lot of buy one get one free - vitamins, makeup, reader glasses, arm and hammer laundry detergent, and a lot of other products

There is a $20 off coupon for Alli weigh loss program, this may be able to be used at Wal-Mart as well.

Suave hair care - $0.89 (there was also a coupon a few weeks ago)
L'Oreal Double Extend Beauty tube mascara - $7.99 (I want to try this, does anybody know if it works as advertised?)

Ream's (As always the best produce ad)

Full dry pint of fresh blueberries $0.89 (awesome deal!!!!)
Chilean Nectarines $0.99/lb
Chilean Plums $0.99/lb
Large Tomatoes $0.79/lb
Cauliflower $0.69/lb
Broccoli $0.69
10 lbs russet potatoes $1.99
Kiwi Fruit $0.09 per fruit
Avocados $0.49 each
D'Anjou pears $0.69/lb
Small Texas pink grapefruit 4 fruits for $1.00

WOW!!!! That was a lot. Don't forget to price match and match coupons with sales to optimise your savings. Happy shopping.

I hope that there will be really good food sales posted on Tuesday.