Thursday, May 21, 2009

Free bottle of fabric softener
Free hot dogs

These are really great freebies if they actually arrive. The hot dog one looks really similar to one that I filled out for Kraft last year and I got the free coupon when they said I would, so that's cool. I have never heard of Strawberry Susan, but if she sends me a bottle of Downy, she's my new BFF! I know you guys are planning on doing some camping, so I hope the hot dog coup gets there in time for you to use. Dan was buring some yard waste on Saturday, so I ran to the store and got us marshmellows and bratwurst and we took advantage of our "campfire." It was really fun.

Talk to you later,

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

TONIGHT Macey's Midnight Madness Sale - PG only

TONIGHT, Wednsday From 10 pm to midnight - Pleasant Grove Macey's ONLY

Every customer that makes a purchase will recieve a FREE Red Box Rental

Pop Tarts - $0.69 with in store coupon
Shur Savings milk - $1.39
House hold scissors - $0.25 with in store coupon
Kraft Ranch dressing - $0.69 with in store coupon
Macey's cottage bread - $0.88
EL Fudge cookies - $0.99 with in store coupon and purchase of 2
55 gallon barrel - $29.99
Sunbelt Granola Bars - $0.99
Spiral cut ham - $0.99/lb
14 oz bag M&M's - 2/$3.00
Bar s Hot dogs - $0.49
Kool Aid Bursts Drinks - $0.69
Capri Sun - $1.59
Kellogg's Fruit Snacks - $0.79 with in store coupon and purchase of 2
Twizzlers - $0.99

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Free Dove Body Wash
Caress Body Wash Sample
GoodNights training pants
Almond Accents
Degree Body Spray
Free refills when you buy the starter kit
Free Bath and Body Works travel-sized item with any purchase

Last day of Albertson's sale

Go to and get all of the great Kraft coupons. Between the coupons in the paper and the kraft coupons I spent just under $9.00. I got 4 bottles of BBQ sauce, 2 boxes Kraft suddenly salad, 3 sqeazable mayo's, 2 boxes of Ritz crackers, 4 bottles of Suave, and a 2 lb brick of cheese I got all of that at Albies. At Wal-Mart (because I knew the prices were a lot better) I got 6 packages of hot dogs, 4 bottles of kraft dressing and 2 suckers for my kids. I got everything at both stores for about $8.50. Just remember to get what you use. Most of this stuff I am saving for this summer because we are going camping a lot.

For every $10 (before coupons) you spend at Albertson's on Kraft products you get $3.00 off automatically and another $2.00 off your next shopping trip. So split your orders into $10 increments and pay for them one at a time to maximize your savings!! Sorry this is such late notice, I just found out yesterday.

Last day of Albertson's sale